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Myths and Facts about Cavities

Myths and Facts about CavitiesSo much information gets tossed around about cavities that it is often hard to sort fact from fiction without a DDS or DMD after your name. Here is a little help in that regard.

Common Myths

• Sugar is the only cause of cavities: Unfortunately, this is not true. Sugar is used as food for bacteria, which in turn produce acids. Those acids cause the cavities.
• You know when you have a cavity: Unfortunately, the only cavities you will know about have reached a point possibly needing more than just a simple filling.
• Sensitivity is caused by a cavity: While this can be true, there are other potential causes. The most important possibilities are a fractured tooth that need immediate attention, or a receding gum line is exposing unprotected tooth.

Important Facts

• Acidic foods and drinks cause cavities: This is an important thing to remember when considering drinking that soda, energy drink, or citrus fruit drink, or biting into a lemon.
• Treatment stops decay: Once a tooth is properly treated, the decay stops, preventing the need for more aggressive treatments or risking its spread to other teeth or into the gums.
• Cavities are more common between teeth: Cavities form in predicable places, namely those locations harder to clean with regular brushing or flossing. As a result, cavities are most likely to form between teeth and in the crevices of the molars.
• Chips and cracks cause decay: These unfortunate events create places for bacteria to climb into and hide, slowly causing damage.

If you are concerned about having a cavity, contact our root canal dentist in Los Angeles with the hope of avoiding one.


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