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How is a Root Canal Done?

How is a Root Canal DoneRoot canal is performed as a last resort for damaged teeth that are at risk of extraction. When root canal treatment is successful, its outcomes, to remove the infected pulp and block future infections, offer both immediate and long-term benefits. Here is a deeper look at the procedure for patients wondering, "How is a root canal done?"

Preparation for Root Canal

Our dentist begins preparing for root canal therapy by X-raying the affected tooth to determine where the infection is. Before starting to work on the tooth, our dentist topically numbs the area and injects an anesthetic. For patients prone to anxiety, nitrous oxide can also be administered.

Infection Removal and Barrier Placement

So, how is a root canal done? Our dentist refers to X-rays in order to drill a hole in the infected tooth. Next, our dentist uses special instruments to remove the infected pulp through the hole. Finally, our dentist fills the space with medicated packing material before adding a filling as a barrier against infection.

Protection from Future Problems

Our dentist often caps the treated tooth with a crown for structural support and protection from future trauma and sources of infection. Because the crown is made to look like nearby teeth, it offers aesthetic value as well.

Patients can expect to have some discomfort in the days after a root canal, but our endodontist in Los Angeles will prescribe pain medication to prevent serious pain. If a treated tooth ever becomes re-infected, our dentist can perform retreatment to resolve it. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to receive more information in response to the question, "How is a root canal done?"

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